Community Outreach

Members of our guild are especially generous with their time and materials.



CRQ donates to Marion County Humane Society (701 NW 14th Rd., Ocala) and Animal Services (5701 SE 66th St., Ocala). The Humane Society cares for cats and dogs, while Animal Services cares for horses, reptiles, pocket pets, gliders, cats and dogs. Completed pet items can be give to Carol Caruso. Pet supplies are regularly donated and we also have an occasional donation drive.

Blankets & Quilts

For dog enclosures

Cat Cage Curtains

(High Demand for Fall and Holiday fabric) 24-25″ wide x 17″ long

Cat Cage Liners

(High Demand) 27″ x 27″ finished

Cat Carrier Liners

(High Demand) 7.5″ x 16″ finished

Pet Beds

approximate size 20″ x 16″ unstuffed

Kitty Blankets

The Humane Society needs 18″ x 18″ knitted or crocheted kitty blankets. The blankets go home with each kitty who gets adopted at Petco. If anyone can make them, Cathy Washburn will deliver them to Petco.

Pet Details



CRQ donates standard-size pillowcases to local charities. Our donated pillowcases are used by adults and children, male and female, young and old. Sew-ins are held during the year and all skill levels are welcome. We also have pillowcase kits available, please use the form in the bin to sign out and sign in your pillowcase kits. Each kit contains fabric to complete 3 pillowcases: main, cuff, trim. Completed pillowcases can be brought to the meeting and given to Jean Rojas.

Charities we donate to:
  • Domestic Violence
  • Habitat for Humanity of Marion County
  • Hospice of Marion County
  • Kids Central, Inc.
  • Shands Pediatric
Sewing Pillowcases at Home

When making pillowcases at home, please use good cotton fabrics and cotton threads (hint: check the freebie table for fabric). Generally, we use three fabrics in our pillows: the main portion, a cuff or border, and a trim fabric. Search on-line and check YouTube for pillowcase directions including: serging pillowcases and burrito pillowcases.

It means a lot…

Thanks so much for taking your time, resources, and talents to complete these pillowcases. Each organization I have spoken to whole-heartedly accepts them and appreciates them. The pillowcases give the people who receive our pillowcases a tactile feeling of home, caring and normalcy in difficult circumstances.

Pillowcase Details



In early 2022, a new Community Outreach project was started, by making placemats for Meals on Wheels. Angie Kinsler, who supervised Meals on Wheels at Marion Senior Services, was happy with the project and said that they serve 350 meals a day.

CRQ’s challenge was to make enough placemats for all their clients by Thanksgiving. On October 10, 2022 we delivered 394 placemats! Buffy Sutherland, CRQ President, thought this was such a worthwhile project that she asked us to continue this Community Outreach. Since that time we have expanded and provide placemats to Habitat for Humanity as well.

Placemats can be any size and are generally made from orphan blocks or scraps. Bring completed placemats to a meeting and give them to Peggy.



CRQ provides quilts of many sizes for those in need, including Shands Hospital, Hospice of Marion County and many others.

Members of the guild can make finished quilts, quilt tops and lap quilts. We have donated fabric that members have cut to make kits. These kits are available to members to sew, and patterns are included. Once the top is completed, the quilt can be returned. We have members with Longarm machines to quilt the tops, while others sew on bindings and sew on a CRQ label.

Being able to help those in need is a wonderful feeling! And the people receiving our loving quilts are so grateful!