UFO Clearance Program

UFO Clearance Program

Chairpersons: Val Whited and Toni Park.

Then this is the challenge for you! Start clearing out your stash by finding five UFOs that you would like to complete and write the information for each UFO on the form. One of the participants will draw a number from 1-5 out of a bag at the March 21 meeting. That project will be due June 20th, at which time another number will be drawn. That will be the UFO you will work on next and it will be due on September 19. Bring the completed project for Show ‘n Tell at the designated meeting. Your name will go into a box for every project completed. The drawing for prizes will be at the August 7, 2025 meeting.

*If you donate your project to the Community Service Program or the next Quilt Show Boutique, your name will be entered 2 extra times.

Examples of a UFO:

  • An unfinished top, does not have to be quilted or bound.
  • A kit or pattern that hasn’t been started, does not have to be quilted or bound.
  • That fabric you had to have and is still folded up in your stash. Set a goal to cut it and finish the top, or just the goal could be to just cut the fabric.
  • A top that is finished but not quilted or bound; both the quilting and the binding must be the goal.

Val will have printed forms available at the March 7 meeting. Val Whited will accept UFO forms at both March meetings and will draw the first number at the March 21st meeting.

The “Alien in a UFO cartoon” image file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. Some rights reserved.